Good Luck With That

Written on 3/18/2020
by Ron Larson

I didn’t even know I had missed it. It’s one day past St. Patrick’s Day, but I find myself wondering about luck today. Of course, the holiday was not celebrated as usual due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) restrictions. Entire countries are under quarantine, and a large segment of the global population has become temporarily agoraphobic for fear of infection. This pandemic, on a scale never seen in our time, has become the constant story of every news outlet. It has also been a main topic in online discussions and real time conversations. The scariest thing I have heard yet is, “Good luck finding toilet paper!” If people ever needed a good luck charm, it would be now.

When I think of good luck charms, I remember as a seven-year old, the four-leaf clover was the first charm I believed would bring me all the treasures I desired then. The problem was finding one! On my hands and knees for days, I searched throughout the patches of clover in my schoolyard, in abandoned lots and in the field behind my house, but not in my own yard. I figured the neighbor girls had already picked clean the coveted clover they had inspired me to believe in. I never did find one, but I was hopeful when General Mills announced their newest cereal, Lucky Charms. They were, “Magically delicious!” Perhaps, I would get that new baseball mitt if I ate a bowl of those.

Another lucky charm purported to grant my wishes is the rabbit’s foot. A fellow Scout was showing off his newly acquired prize while boasting how he had caught the unfortunate creature in a snare. An animal lover, my grief was immediate for the poor bunny. At the age of 11 though, my sentiment changed to gruesome amazement as I felt the thing. A real dismembered foot! I had not realized that rabbits had long nails, like claws. Then I wondered, “Could something lucky, come from something unlucky?” I never owned a lucky rabbit’s foot, though I did place a horseshoe over a door once, strictly for decoration.

Now nearly 60 years old, I have never placed faith in so-called lucky charms. I learned that those beliefs originate from superstition, myth, fables, and magic. I was much younger when I first read this quote about luck, which rang as true for me then as it does now. “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. – Thomas Jefferson

At the mercy of something terrible and unknown (known to us now as COVID-19), hard work may not be the answer to ease our common fear and angst. Call it good luck or faith in something you can believe in, we all need hope to latch onto right now. Personally, I choose prayer, and Psalm 91. I pray each one of you will find something as meaningful as these are to me. If you haven’t already done so, check my previous post Surviving the Virus.

Published by Ron Larson

Been around for a while now, so I don't expect to be slowed down much by a pandemic either! I am determined to figure it out as I go. I'm just hoping I don't go until I got it figured out.

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