The Show Must Go On: But How?

Shelter in Place applies to ALL non-essential citizens. It doesn’t matter how famous, or how rich. President of the UFC Dana White, has found a loophole that will allow him to keep his show going. White says that what has been dubbed as Fight Island, has been procured for upcoming events to begin as early as April 18th.

Veteran Hollywood insiders/actors Arlan Godthabb and Larrs Jackson both agree that the restrictions are putting a real hurt on the television and film industry. When asked what projects have been shut down, Godthabb replied ‘Everything… that falls under national or state social distancing guidelines. Including the news.’

‘Everything’ includes the shutting down of ALL filming by American interests globally, as well as live performances such as plays and concerts.

By some estimates, nearly 200,000 industry workers are suffering due to loss of income. The majority of those lost their jobs. MSN Entertainment tells what benefits the unemployed in California might expect, including a $1300 a week payment to those who lost their jobs because they contracted the COVID-19 virus, or for the caretaker of someone who contracted the virus.

In response to questions about summer/fall programming and new movie premiers, Larrs Jackson surmised, ‘There may be more reruns, but there might also be new TV series released that were filmed before the restrictions were in place.’ Jackson says we could also see many movies released online that would not have come off the shelf if it were not for this situation.

Even if restrictions are loosened by the beginning of summer, financial losses will prevent many production companies from picking up where they left off. The Hollywood Reporter estimates that the global film industry is facing $5 billion in losses on box office receipts alone. Over the long-haul, financial losses in the TV/film industry are expected to be staggering and unprecedented. According to an article at MSN, Disney and Comcast Corp. have already raised $10 billion in debt offerings. ‘The sheer scale of the losses (to the industry) may set the stage for possible legal fights between producers and insurers over what policies must pay as costs mount.’ An indication that many are going to lose big, but some may even profit.

The worker bees and non-IDOLS all suffer individual financial losses, but the A-Listers are losing something that is in direct relation to their future income. Exposure.

‘Even bad press is good press’. It is a common phrase spoken by celebrities who are caught in compromising circumstances by police or paparazzi. It is a phrase Tracy Morgan may have uttered after watching his recent appearance on the Today Show. The interview is about 5 minutes, but the part that made Hoda blush is at the very beginning. Morgan is proof that some celebrities will not do well using unscripted copy from a too comfortable environment to make a public appearance by video.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or SAG-AFTRA is interested in helping members obtain good press. In a recent message to union members, L.A. Local President Patricia Richardson encouraged them to reach out to essential workers by creating Gratitude Art for them.

I was not able to turn up any samples of celebrity Gratitude Art to sen yet, but here are some of your favorite celebrities speaking from their hearts.

Those with big bank accounts are able to show their gratitude by opening up their wallets. Unlike the early days of the AIDS pandemic, big-name celebrities and industry leaders have been quick to step up on the dais of philanthropy. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been privately donated or pledged to fund the massive logistics of this battle against Coronavirus and the research needed to secure victory over it.

Gratitude encourages those who receive it, and improves the outlook of those who express it. Anyone who needs a positivity boost will benefit by learning the 13 Most Popular Gratitude Exercises and Activities at Positive Psychology online.

One thing is certain as long as Shelter in Place is in effect, the show must go on. Americans expect it. But how? Television news continues to adapt. Live TV and Reality producers are exploring the technologies available. They will figure it out. American Idol has already started accepting auditions for season 19, and Ryan Seacrest talks about technology that may allow this season’s live shows to begin sooner than later.

According to Good Housekeeping Home, ABC will use unseen footage and performance highlights to look back at the remaining top 20 competitors. American Idol:This is Me begins Sunday, 4/12/2020.

Published by Ron Larson

Been around for a while now, so I don't expect to be slowed down much by a pandemic either! I am determined to figure it out as I go. I'm just hoping I don't go until I got it figured out.

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