Re-Opening America

Closing it Down Again

Update: 6/30/2020 Click here

This past week (4/29/2020) Americans were surprised to hear serious talk by key state and federal leadership about re-opening the economy. Most of us wonder how that can be achieved since we still do not have a vaccine, and do not even have a thorough understanding of how COVID-19 is transmitted.  

A handful of states say they are ready to begin the process of re-opening their economies ahead of the rest of the nation. While most US citizens have been dealing with the idea of extended restrictions, most state leaders have already been looking ahead and making plans to roll back restrictions as soon as safe to do so. Most are looking to begin the process during May, some as soon as May 1st. Why?

The sad truth is, millions of American citizens are now suffering moderately to severely from the secondary effects of shelter-in-place.

The numbers of those who are receiving unemployment are few compared to the great many still unemployed and still trying to get benefits they deserve. Charitable organizations with food banks, those who give financial aid, and free or low-cost health care clinics are no longer able to meet the needs of all who are in need. A majority of small businesses have yet to receive the aid promised by the Federal government, and most Americans are still waiting to receive stimulus checks. Families will lose their homes and children will be displaced. Countless numbers of people will not have jobs when the economy does begin to bounce back. 

Is the risk of prolonging this pandemic and increasing the death toll worth the risk of revitalizing our economy earlier than what we are comfortable with? A growing number of people are saying yes, that it must be attempted. It’s important to remember, countless American success stories began on a wing and a prayer, with little more than the determination and ingenuity of Can-Do entrepreneurs to push their ideas forward. The kind the United States is known for. Perhaps those states who some are calling reckless, are more brave than foolish. After all, if all goes well, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska may be setting the path for other states to follow.

When facing unknown variables that lie behind every new venture, confrontation, or crisis, someone has to be first to face the potential dangers.  Weekend polls show 70% of Americans are fearful and believe relaxing restrictions now is too soon.

 Oklahoma and Georgia, Arizona, Alabama and Alaska are all pushing to begin reopening their economies May 1. Florida also appears to be on a fast track to re-open with Gov. Ron DeSantis suggesting schools there could re-open in May. Even with opposing views, every American has good reason to hope and pray these states and their citizens do not suffer severe consequences for their good intentions. We all want to get back to some semblance of normal. Certainly, when we are able to move past the threat of the COVID pandemic, we will find ourselves establishing a new normal. 

Some states are now making plans to move ahead, independent of Washington politics. California, Oregon and Washington State has formed an alliance that will make decisions in unison for the common good. According to a joint statement from the governors, “Health outcomes and science — not politics — will guide these decisions” The group has agreed on a set of conditions that each must meet before proceeding.  

A larger coalition has formed in the NE including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island. They plan on coordinating re-opening together. Leaders of these states all agree that moving ahead to fast is a mistake. In fact, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont extended the mandatory shutdown in the state until May 20. In Maryland, the statewide stay-at-home order issued on March 30 still has no potential end date. During his appearance on CNN last week, Gov. Larry Hogan said that that his priority is to save lives, not the economy. Another leader urging extreme caution moving forward is Gov. Janet Mills of Maine. She has extended the civil state of emergency there until May 15. Mills believes the world is in the midst of one of the greatest public health crises seen in over a century. “This virus will continue to sicken people across our state; our cases will only grow, and more people will die.”  


The majority of states plan to move in the direction of post-pandemic life with caution and premeditation of possible consequences, or gains gained with each move. For instance, an event looming on the not so distant horizon that everyone must consider is the potential for the resurgence of COVID-19 virus in the fall. The primary concern is that the coronavirus strain will accompany the typical strain of flu that makes an appearance each year. CDC Director Robert Redfield says having two simultaneous respiratory outbreaks will put unimaginable stress on a health care system recouping from the spring pandemic, “There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through,”  

Finally, consider this… genetic recombination.  

For over a decade, Scientists have been on alert for an evolved virus like COVID-19. It was predicted that the genetically recombined novel coronavirus would originate in China, and that it would be capable of reaching pandemic proportions quickly, taking citizens of the world by surprise and exacting a heavy human death toll. Studies that were conducted in 2007 indicated that a culture of people eating a wide variety of mammals would be most susceptible to the mutated virus. As is now highly suspected, scientists believe that COVID-19 gained access to earth’s human population by way of a seafood market in Wuhan China. Recently, the laboratory in WuHan studying the novel coronavirus and genetically recombined forms found that the genetic makeup of COVID 19 is 96% identical to a previous variation. A more dangerous variant called SARS. Fortunately, SARS was easier to contain.  

So how and why do these corona viruses change their genetic makeup so readily. It is believed that coronavirus recombines to allow the infection of human hosts. When vaccines are used to stop one strain, that virus then retreats to another animal host until new genetic recombination is complete. Genetic recombinants are proof that all organisms are equipped to fight for survival and propagation, even if not actually possessing a purposeful will to survive. Human pets such as cats and dogs are now testing positive for COVID-19.

In conclusion, America must find a way to move ahead of this pandemic while learning how to overcome it. We must move through the summer months one small step at a time, using caution and common sense along the way. Science fiction writers, and legitimate science has been passively warning the world that global pandemics such as this one, along with other until now unimaginable crises will occur. Crises that are not only likely, but are inescapable events looming in what could be our very near future. No matter what may come, we will not be able to simply put our heads down, shelter in place and wait for the calamity to pass us by. America must, and I believe will move forward with success.


Tuesday – June 30, 2020 Bars, gyms, and restaurants across America are once again restricting patronage. Fourteen states have seen dramatic increases in reported COVID cases with 32 states seeing a moderate increase. The rare inflammatory disease associated with COVID in children is on the rise, as well as cases among young adults. It is as the majority expected. Still, we could only hope things would have taken a turn for the better. States like Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama encouraged other states to follow their lead. Some moved forward full-blast and some by smaller steps. However, with reports the virus is spreading wider and faster each day, many states are taking steps backward, and others have halted plans for moving to another phase of re-opening. According to reports, the virus is recombining as expected. Variations of COVID-19 are being detected in different parts of the country, and a greater variety of animals are being infected.

The social fallout from this has been dramatic across the nation as pro-maskers and the ” Give me liberty (to go without a mask) or give me death crowd have been facing off in various protests. Meanwhile, large groups of people are still attending rallies, raves, and other recreational mass gatherings.

Protesters march down Lane Street during the ReOpen NC protest in downtown Raleigh, N.C. Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

I can’t help but believe the violent protests because of George Floyd death, along with unrestrained gatherings after being sheltered in place for nearly two months; I can’t help but believed it was too much too soon. At least now we now the consequences, and whether or not you believe this pandemic is as bad as what the media is reporting, wouldn’t it be safer to err on the side of caution?

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